Sectors Pharmaceutical


At Specific Environments we have specialist experience in the design and project management of significant services systems for many different controlled environments for major Pharmaceutical clients. 

Our experience within the Pharma Industry means we find ourselves involved at all stages of a Project, from concept design and Feasibility Study, including developing the brief or URS, providing detailed design, cost estimating right through to Project Management and final Commission and Handover.

Our Pharmaceutical portfolio of systems are as follows:

  • Low Humidity Areas (Below 10% R.H)
  • Humidity Areas
  • Close Temperature Controlled Environments
  • Containment Suites
  • Calibration Areas
  • Pressure Controlled Areas

The scope of supply has included, HVAC, Controls, EMS, Sprinkler Installations, Commissioning and Validation.

The types of areas we have Designed and Project Managed are:

  • Raw Material Storage
  • Mixing Suites
  • Preparation Areas
  • Tableting & Compression
  • Dispensaries
  • Production Lines
  • Product Inspection
  • Freeze Drier Areas
  • Product Packaging
  • Finished Goods & Standout Areas