Sectors Microelectronics


The Microelectronics industry is constantly striving to improve techniques to scale down, study & manufacture electronic components.  As a result of this, specialist high integrity clean facilities are necessary to enable these works to commence.

Specific Environments has designed, installed, validated and commissioned a number of HVAC systems for these facilities, and projects have ranged from preparation of URS documentation on our clients behalf through to Feasibility Studies and detailed design into full Turnkey Procurement and management of new and refurbished areas.

Specific Environments portfolio for the Microelectronics Industry includes:

  • Close temperature control (± 0.3°C)
  • Close humidity control (± 2% R.H)
  • ISO Class 4 areas of cleanliness
  • ISO Class 5 areas of cleanliness

Other services systems include:

  • BMS
  • EMS
  • Chilled Water
  • Validation
  • Surveys/Reports