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The global demand for ICT continues to grow at a frantic pace. Companies need to increase the capacity of their Data Centres continually. Data Centres now cover entire floors of buildings and will continue to expand. They are at the very heart of IT operations and are a crucial part of the business, if they fail the business fails. Therefore the room must have a controlled (or Specific) environment to ensure the servers don't overheat and negate any chance of disruption. Energy use is an important issue especially in the current climate where companies are perceived in a negative manner if they don't try and cut their emissions or power usage.

Data Centres consume between 2.2% and 3.3% of the total UK power consumption. This is a significant amount of power usage. Of this, 30-50% of power consumption is for cooling the Data Centre. Thus to reduce this will reduce the power utility bill. The typical Data Centre operates at 20-22°C. New Data Centres are being created to operate up to 35°C. The key benefit will allow the increase in free cooling (untreated ambient air), as air temperatures up to 35°C will not need to be altered, for example a 1% increase in free cooling, will lead to a significant increase in chiller energy efficiency.

At Specific we are constantly implementing the latest cutting edge technology into our bespoke service, ensuring our services continually maximise efficiency to you, the client. The future is to be more energy efficient and we are well placed to ensure the most cost effective Data Centres are installed or upgraded. 

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