Modular Cleanroom Panel systems

The fabric of a clean Environment is a crucial part of any cleanroom project, often subjected to harsh cleaning regimes, with aggressive wear and tear, the fabric of any cleanroom is the most likely elements to be affected by use, therefore choosing the correct product is paramount for the area’s ongoing integrity and cost. 

SEL are solution providers for all Architectural finishes for controlled environments, successfully supplying the Life science, Healthcare and Specialist Engineering sectors for over 40 years.

Our knowledge is ever growing with our specialist bespoke project solutions and our ongoing product development. On and off site, our teams are recognised as industry experts within this field.  We can offer robust, repeatable solutions to meet all classification, room conditions and budget.

What should be considered when choosing the appropriate Architectural cleanroom finish:

  • Room classification , Room Use and associated Regulative Authority
  • Non shedding finishes, Flush framed or frameless panels
  • Walk-on or Non Walk-on Ceilings
  • Multiple Panel skin options e.g.
    • Food safe Laminate,
    • Plastisol
    • stainless Steel
    • Powder coated
  • Panel core options included
    • Aluminium Honeycomb
    • Mineral Fibre
    • Hollow
    • PIR 
    • Plasterboard
    • Solid grade laminate panels
  • Fire rated / Non Fire rated systems
  • ESD panels ( electrostatic discharge ) properties
  • Multi thickness panel systems – 50mm to 200mm thick
  • Lining Panels 1mm to 40mm thick
  • Single and dual glazing panel system

Our Team at SEL are recognised trusted solution providers for all your Architectural needs, and would be happy to guide you through the product selection process.

We would be happy to discuss all options with you.

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