Architectural Fit-out

SEL is a Total Architectural Solution provider

SEL use `Whole of the market place’ solutions, ensuring that the right product is always used for the right situation.

Our Architectural base structure options include,

  • Cleanroom Panel systems For more Info  click here
  • Proprietary Cleanroom Ceiling Systems – Walk-on For more Info  click here
  • Glass wall and door systems
  • Modular Building – Off site fit out
  • Steel Structure – Stand-alone – Mezz structure
  • Rectification and local refurbishment of existing surfaces.
  • Traditional with hygienic painted finishes – Armour / wallglaze
  • White plastic hygienic wall cladding sheeting / Whiterock
  • Sheet vinyl applied finish
  • Solid grade laminate linings – Trespa
  • Metal panel cladding
  • Temporary / Demountable Cleanroom Panel systems

We supply and install ALL Architectural requirements integrated into main system including our cleanroom Fixtures and fitting, specialist components including,

  • All Cleanroom Flooring  systems           
  • Cleanroom Grade Doors       – Personnel and Fast Action doors
  • Cleanroom Grade Glazing    – Windows and Glass Wall
  • Cleanroom Coving                 – Coving types
  • Cleanroom Fixture and Fittings       
  • Cleanroom furniture  / Benching    
  • Integrated High load – Cleanroom Cranes
  • Door Interlock system
  • Pass through Hatches

With our extensive 40 years’ knowledge and experience of the cleanroom industry and all the Architectural options, we can also identify and match most existing cleanroom systems and components. Supporting refurbishments, upgrades, safe removal and fire integrity / properties status etc. We are here to help.