Life Science & Pharmaceutical Environments

SEL can offer design and installation support for all clean controlled environments of the pharmaceutical industry, from small scale R+D to final packaging, including the following example of work areas where we can support:

  • Excipients and API manufacturing
  • Powder Handling (ATEX Rated)
  • Wet and Dry Granulation
  • Micronizing
  • Tableting
  • 3D printing – Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Opening up Space – Obstructed free areas / packing halls

Projects designed, installed and validated to the industry guidelines and standards set out by the relevant regulative authorities including  cGMP M.H.R.A, F.D.A. and ISO 14644 Cleanroom Standards.

Whether your project is: Biotech / Laboratory based or large scale patented bulk final drug manufacturing facilities, we have the knowledge and experience to support a regulatory compliant project. We can also support by assisting the management of the project / client’s team to ensure that the project is not only technically the best achievable, but also budget and timelines are.

SEL work with both new build and refurbishment work, and we fully understand that `Production is King ‘, with a critical need to minimise production down time during and after the project. 

SEL are able to support with the smallest of projects / planned defect rectification works using our`small works team’, as well as a new facility `Total Solution` project team structure.