SEL specialise in the design and construction of all types of laboratories including:

  • General, Education and Smart Laboratories
  • High Containment Laboratories
  • Analytical and Quality Controlled Laboratories
  • Aseptic and Sterile Laboratories
  • Chemical and Microbiological Laboratories
  • Dry lab (Computer Assisted Lab)
  • Wet Lab (Liquid based Experiments)

At SEL we work closely with our clients to produce strategic planning / feasibility layouts, with material and personnel flows, general arrangement, services schematics and architectural finishes, as well as supporting with all the specialist ancillary requirements eg. fixtures and fittings / benching / pass through hatches / interlocks / changing room fit out / sanitary ware and the associated process services.

Collaboratively with the end user / client, we can ensure all the project’s needs and budget requirements are met, whilst also meeting the regulative authorities’ and the Design Qualification (DQ) requirements.  SEL can provide a flexible `Future Proof’ facilities, designed to meet the ever-changing needs of this sector and processes, with reusable / demountable proprietary wall and ceiling panel system and Flexi Lab services.  SEL can also support with Bio Grade security and decontamination / fumigation within our offering, as the project demands.

All specialist client equipment within the lab can be integrated to maintain optimum use and room compliance. This would include items like fume cupboards, micro-biological safety cabinets, Isolators, Autoclaves, Incubators, Cryostore systems and Environmental Monitoring Systems.