Our in-house SEL project teams are highly experienced within the Bio Containment sector and the critical nature of forming working High Containment / Pathogen Free facilities. 

SEL can support the project by choosing the correct Bio Containment Level, based on Bio hazard groups, with full consideration to both current and future client requirements. We can fully align the project with ACDP (Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens) and SAPO (Specified Animal Pathogen Order) regulations, SACGM (CU) for contained GMO’s and HSE legislation.

Each laboratory containment level should be made up of a combination of physical parameters and work practices, based on clients’ HAZOPs / Working practice confirmation and regulative body Hazard Group guidelines. Consideration should also be given to incorporating ever changing technology to minimise risk, including using AI (Artificial Intelligence) and remote operator working.

As well as providing the appropriate design and structure / environment for the required Containment Levels, SEL can also offer the required supporting infrastructure, Building Services, Autoclaves, Bio containment shower, effluent treatment facilities (ETP), Dunk tanks and Emergency Breakout Escape panels etc.

SEL would ensure that the appropriate facility security rating is implemented when Nuclear and Bio Hazards components could be weaponized. Required security levels will be set with consultation from the UK Counter Terrorism Command.  The designated security level, must be built into the project from conception, to avoid very disruptive and costly implementation retrospectively at the end of the project.        

Have you considered a stand alone Modular build option for` High Containment’? Modular Independent building, can be an appropriate precautionary location choice, thus minimising the risk to the immediate surrounding areas, separated from any other site activities, especially during Fumigation.